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  • jeff
    May 6, 2003
      Yes, stitch and glue is different than big boats like the Wyo and if no
      chine logs and such are use, stick with epoxy.

      The two building methods are as different as night and day. To build a 15
      foot boat like the Wyo is built, it would double it's weight for sure.
      Adding 1/2 a ton of cedar nailers and 4x4 beams is not such a big deal on a
      50 footer.

      Building the Wyo is technically very easy compared to my Frolic2. There's
      just one heck of a lot more to do and it's 20 times heavier!


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      > jeff wrote:
      > > The Wyo is just as you say, designed around mechanical fasteners with
      > > being the secondary fastener so to speak.
      > That's different than the smaller Bolger timber chined boats. They seem to
      be glue based
      > with the fasteners added. Wojtec, in Michalak, called it a, "Glue and wire
      > Mark
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