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27593Re: [bolger] Re: PL Experience

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  • jeff
    May 6, 2003
      > Any ideas on how to get the PL to cure in a lump,
      > no foaming, and good bond to the surrounding wood?

      I can't think of a way for PL to cure in a lump other than a lump of foam.

      I can say this though, PL has no strength at all if it foams in the joint.
      The glue expands to fill the tiny cracks and wood grain which is where it
      gets its strength by imbedding itself into the material. The foam on the
      other hand is just that, foam and can be peeled away with a finger nail. No
      way that could be safe on a boat.

      It must be a tight joint and I personally would keep the fasteners in place.
      The Wyo is just as you say, designed around mechanical fasteners with glue
      being the secondary fastener so to speak.

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