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  • proaconstrictor
    May 5 6:46 PM
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Blunck" <boatbuilding@g...>
      > I have the pictures on my website and I think you'll have to agree
      that the
      > PL made a very strong joint.
      > http://4dw.net/cosailor
      > I do not wish to get into any discussion as to the merits or the
      > construction methods using PL Premium. In my opinion it has a
      place in boat
      > building. Maybe not everywhere but certainly a good deal of the
      gluing one
      > does when building boats.
      > Jeff
      > >

      As mentioned my comments have nothing to do, except as nature
      decides, with your boat. The point I am making is only related to
      your question as to whether a destruction test is pretty much all we
      need to know. If that were the case, there wouldn't be all these
      testing methods like the hydromat, we could just hit things with
      hammers. The interesting point the gougeons make is that things
      often fall appart not with the big blow, but a spar just falls over
      in harbour on a gentle day. Why? Millions of cycles to failure, with
      each little click of the halyard as the boat sways this way an that.
      It isn't only the big loads, but also the constant little loads.

      But again, no need to worry unless there are realy fidgity people on
      your sofas. Also are these structural? If not, they could be bean
      bags for all it would mater.
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