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27536Re: PL Experience

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  • Rick
    May 4, 2003

      I had a similar experience with PL Premium when I started my first
      boat (recently completed). For the framing on the transom I had
      figured the bevels wrong and had screwed and glued (with PL) the
      pieces to the outside of the transom by mistake. I discovered that
      only about a half hour after putting the pieces together so I thought
      I might be able to salvage the 3/4" ply transom. I removed the
      screws and smacked the framing pieces with a rubber mallet. One
      piece did finally come loose, but took the plywood it was glued to
      with it to a depth of about 1/4"-- and this was after only a half

      Needless to say, I sawed out a new transom and now have great
      respect for PL Premium!

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