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27534Re: Superbrick Challenge staus?

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  • Bruce Hector
    May 4, 2003
      I've posted 3 screen shots of Richard Santa Coloma's beautiful
      virtual Superbrick in the photo section of Bolger3 in a album
      appropriately named Superbrick at
      for your perusal.

      As to how close to plans does it have to be, I'd say if you can
      recognize it as a Superbrick from 100 yards away, it is one. You have
      to admit, she is soewhat, un-mistakable!

      Shanties, by their very nature, reflect thier builders rugged
      individualism more so than "ordinary" homemade boats.

      So as the Marx brother's might say:

      If it looks like a Superbrick, and it sails like a Superbrick, and it
      smells like a Superbrick, then ...... the builder gets my $100 as I
      step aboard with a case of good Canadian beer under my arm.

      All bets are in US funds, I hereby put up mine. Please email me off
      list and I post a running total on the list. Contributers must
      include a snail mail address and phone number for the collection
      agencies use.

      This is not a best built Superbrick challenge, it is a first built
      Superbrick challenge, to help ensure that this superb, thumb in the
      nose to "right-thinking" yachtsmen actually gets built). Winner is
      the first to launch and move on 3 points of sail under wind power
      alone a Bolger designed Superbrick, built close enough to plans to be
      recognized by the panel (me, so far, but I'll add any long term
      Bolgerista who'll accompany me to the "judging" (must bring his/her
      own beer).

      Bruce Hector
      Who herewith disqualifies himself from the contest, even if I am
      crazy enuf to actually make a curvy, scrappy shanty on Peter
      Lenihan's strongback.
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