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27144Re: [bolger] Re:Duckworks Charging for Subscriptions

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  • welshman@ptialaska.net
    Apr 1, 2003
      As I read the last two MAIB's it became instantly apparent to me that
      Bolger was writing them. I laid out several past articles and those two for
      my 17 year old son to do a composition comparison. He's at the stage where
      he can recognize good and bad writing, but he's not sure why it's good or

      Bolger as a teaching tool for English, is there no end to the usefulness of
      his work?


      I don't think I could stomach a whole book full of Susanne's writing! :oP I
      hope she has lots of other virtues, because her prose will never get her
      past the pearly gates. It was a pleasant surprise to open up the last two
      issues of MAIB and find that Phil himself had written the articles! :o)

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