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26790Re: Junk Rigged Birdwatcher

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  • s_paskey <s_paskey@yahoo.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
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      I thought the junk was offered as being handy under sail. But you're
      right, I haven't sailed with one myself. In any event, it occurs to
      me that one might be able to borrow the solution PCB used on "Camper"
      (the 18-foot Birdwatcher-style skiff). Camper has a gaff rig with a
      tabernacle, and it's designed so that one can fold the whole thing up
      very quickly. Perhaps a "chinese gaff" (as opposed to a more
      conventional chinese lug) could be similarly arranged?

      With Birdwatcher, on the other hand, you need to unstep the mast and
      stow it.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, David Ryan <david@c...> wrote:
      > Certainly the junk rig wouldn't be a quick/simple to build as the
      sprit, but I'd reserve judgement on how easily it's reefed/struck
      until I was the one doing it. Hasn't PCB been offering junk-rig
      variants for their handiness?
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