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26508Re: [bolger] Topaz Spyder runabout

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  • Harry James
    Feb 14, 2003

      I have been reading and thinking about PCB since I bought Folding Schooner in
      the late 70's. Though he disparages his talents as an artist I doubt if there
      are any members of this group that will deny that he is a great one. His
      ability see a three dimensional work of art and create in a 2 dimensional
      format is wondrous. From anecdotes, like the raised sheer that Payson made
      in the Gull picture and from his writing, he sees more than we can, he sees
      the whole thing, and he can see the change that a 1/2" difference in
      measurement will make in the over all aesthetic.

      I had 2 cartopper's in the shop. I could not walk into the shop with out
      looking at them because they demanded my eye. I could not look at them
      without smiling, because what ever angle you looked at them from, they were
      pleasing, the curves just right. The 2 dimensional drawings don't come close
      to revealing how beautiful they are in 3. I know Mr Bolger saw it however,
      and pushed and moved the lines a 1/2 or 1/4 inch here and there so that the
      3d picture in his head was just right.

      And then

      He has another part of him will call the creative problem solver side. Part
      of the problem is some of his solutions are jolting to an eye trained to
      conventional nautical usage, and solutions.

      I had the following sentence in the previous paragraph and then I pulled it

      "He will ruthlessly suppress the aesthetic as much as necessary to effect a
      solution to a nautical problem."

      I decided this is not true, he ruthlessly suppresses conventional nautical
      usage, than he applies his aesthetic to whatever creative solution he has
      come up with. I think that this is why his square boats grow on us after a
      while. We get used to the unconventionality and the visual balance in the
      execution takes over. Some, like the Sneakeasy look good right out of the
      box. I would never have said that a Martha Jane is a good looking from the
      drawings, but having seen one on the water, I know that it is.

      And finally

      Give our hero a chance to combine his artistic abilities to a more
      traditional end product and prepare to have your socks knocked off. The Topaz
      Spyder looks attractive in the drawings, you would be able to sit in a deck
      chair and spend a whole afternoon looking at the real thing tied to the dock.


      > FBBB,
      > How anyone can look at the Topaz Spyder (as well as many other of his
      > designs,) and call PCB a "form follows function aesthetical brute" is
      > absolutely beyond me.
      > More likely, he's head-over-heals in love with what boats do and what
      > boats look like, and has made a life's work trying to bring all that
      > grace, beauty, function, and fun within reach of as many people as
      > possible.
      > YIBB,
      > David
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