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  • pvanderwaart <pvanderw@optonline.net>
    Feb 1, 2003
      > Question:
      > do I cut the side panels at a bevel?
      > Payson book doesnt mention it, however, the section drawing on
      > plans indicates a bevel. maybe unintended drafting?

      There is very little that is unintended in PCB's drafting, especially
      in plans meant for sale to beginners as the Payson plans are. When I
      built my Elegant Punt, which is basically the same as the Teal, I cut
      the side panels without bevel, and attached the chines without bevel.
      It took about an hour to plane the bevel on the chines, using a
      straightedge across the bottom to guage the angle. I think that is
      what was intended. Using a sharp plane is one of the pleasantest
      parts of boatbuilding.

      There is no point in trying to cut 1/4" ply at a bevel since it takes
      a single pass with a Surform tool to bevel it. At least, that's how I
      see it.

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