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25901Re: another Birdsmouth spar thread.....

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  • proaconstrictor <proaconstrictor@yahoo.c
    Jan 6, 2003
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      No need for a diagram, I
      > understand the concept, have seen it sketched someplace before. I
      do like
      > the idea of doing a separate reinforcement for the foot and the
      > though!

      Is the idea there that it saves weight, obviously not in your case a
      concern about saving money? Would not the weight make it easier to
      raise the long arm of the spar?

      Also not all my concerns are cost related. You can save money and
      build a better spar with strips or splines , and there might be a lot
      to be said for orienting a much thicker strip on the side that takes
      the biggest beating, which I think is the stern side, judging on the
      spar for Anhinga.

      > Good luck Bruce on your navigator!
      > Paul Lefebvre
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