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25899Re: [bolger] another Birdsmouth spar thread.....

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  • Harry James
    Jan 6, 2003
      John, last name unknown


      Who has been a member of this group, has written an article about Birdsmouth
      spars for Boatbuilder magazine. I had similar hesitations about a plug, but
      he seemed to think there was nothing to it. You might email him and see what
      he has to say, he has been very quick to answer my questions.


      On Monday 06 January 2003 07:13 am, you wrote:
      > Thanks proaconstrictor for feedback, and Derek and Bruce, for advice.....
      > I decided to go with birdsmouth primarily to save weight, since I will be
      > trailering and have to step the mast every time I want to go sailing, and
      > at the same time have also commited to the optional 3' taller mast for
      > better light-air performance. Everything I've read tells me a hollow
      > birdsmouth mast is the best way that I, with my skills and equipment, can
      > build a strong mast that will be lighter relative to other construction
      > techniques.
      > Thanks Derek for encouragement on the tapered reinforcement plug - I found
      > the concept intimidating but I suppose I'll just have to jump in and try
      > it, I was trying to skip an obviously important step. No need for a
      > diagram, I understand the concept, have seen it sketched someplace before.
      > I do like the idea of doing a separate reinforcement for the foot and the
      > partners though!
      > Good luck Bruce on your navigator!
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