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  • proaconstrictor <proaconstrictor@yahoo.c
    Jan 3, 2003
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      Hi Mark,

      Silly me, but the same point holds, there are like six paddlers in
      action, some of whose belts are showing, so there ain't no way it is
      24". Looks sort of line a Really Great Big Bertha Long Dorry, so the
      dory plans might be a useful departure. Though someone knows, and
      will doubtless tell us.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Mark A." <marka@h...> wrote:
      > Hello, Thomas.
      > It is actually for oars, so I shouldn't call it a canoe.
      > But the side planks are probably 16" in order to economize
      material and also to have a
      > good depth for rowing. Still, looking at the pix Chuck pointed to,
      I can't quite tell.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger/files/Navel%20Jelly/
      > Especially the one with the crew of 8 going fast.
      > I'm just musing that the bare hull might weigh only about 200
      pounds, yet have spectacular
      > sprawl space. Maybe as a switchblade, too.
      > Thanks,
      > Mark
      > "proaconstrictor " wrote:
      > > If it is one or the other, then they are sixteen. The
      > > average "Canadian canoe" is 10-14 amidships, your 8-10 inches off
      > > floor, so an additional 14 inches would catch you pretty high up,
      > > make paddling very difficult.
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