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25796Re: Rowing / fishing boat - Opinions needed!

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  • dbaldnz <oink@paradise.net.nz>
    Dec 31, 2002
      Rich, when I go to your Fortune City hosted web page, I can't see
      much, because it is overlaid by Fortune City Wallpaper. This must be
      the ultimate in advert supported 'free' web pages.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "rmdeming <thedemings@s...>"
      <thedemings@s...> wrote:
      > George,
      > Roar looks real nice to me and if you do a search in the archive
      > this group and the Michalak group you may find out some more about
      > it. I know that I have eyeballed Roar as a possible future rowboat
      > don't have one right now). I don't know of Pepper so I can't say.
      > If you want something a bit smaller and a real easy build, then
      > I suggest the Pointy Skiff? At 10'6" she rows well and is plenty
      > stable for casting. I built one myself and now my freind uses her
      > a small pond a couple of towns over.
      > Pictures of the Pointy Skiff that I built are here:
      > http://members.fortunecity.com/smallboat/
      > Whatever you build, I can almost garrr-n-tee that you will enjoy
      > it. Nothing quite like rowing a boat you built with your own
      > Have at it!
      > Have fun building,
      > Rich
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