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25436Re: ugh, oh...now smoked salmon and Watercraft

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  • dbaldnz
    Dec 4, 2002
      Thanks for that Peter.
      But you won't tempt me below the library stairs after the last time,
      when your delicate suggestion was repeated at parade ground volume
      by the moustached lady librarian. My face has been red ever since.
      Watercraft...I also get this picturesque magazine. They seem to have
      taken Bolger under their wing, or vice versa. There seems to be a
      boat every month. Well worth looking out for, Bolger fans.

      DonB, trying to get Peter back on topic to avoid a ban.

      > Don,
      > For some potentially suggestive high times,I would go with
      > Lexan for all windows,put mirror backing on the overhead hatches
      > even the entire overhead!) and,in the absence of suitably strong
      > deck/cabin beams,locate strong points either at the shear clamp or
      > the inboard edges of the two bunks/benches.Granted this will have
      > regretable effect of limiting the degree of "swing-to-the-fling"
      > ratio but does open up a whole new horizon of truely under
      > appreciated"bounce-to-the-ounce" ratios which have only rarely
      > cited in contempory nautical literature.My own sadly out of print
      > copy of Gustav La Framboises' antholgy "Les Petite Plaisir du
      > devotes an entire chapter to this very subject!Mind you,this is
      > really for the adept connaisseur(euse) but there is an excellent
      > bibliography and Gustav did make something of of fetish with his
      > footnotes!
      > Perhaps inter-library loans could locate a copy for you.......?!
      > Sincerely,
      > Peter Lenihan,seeking practical means to ward off the ever present
      > chill in the air(- 18),along the St.Lawrence...........
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