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  • David Ryan
    Dec 4, 2002
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      >> > --- "jeff" <boatbuilding@g...> wrote:
      >> > Tennessee is as simple as it gets IMHO.
      >>--- "aquatronclaus" <aquatronboat@h...>
      >> first time builder can construct a Wyoming?
      >Wyoming is a huge boat!
      >Tennessee is pretty big.
      >In my opinion, and first time
      >builder should start with a
      >small boat. None are better
      >than a Teal, with the really

      Far be it for me to *ever* discourage anyone from building a big
      boat. However, you'll never regreat building a Teal. Simple, cheap,
      fast, good looking, rows well, sails well. Build it first (so you
      have something to have some boating fun in while you're building the
      Wyo) When the Wyo is done put the Teal on the roof! The Teal's not
      big enough, you say? I say Zephyr, Surf, Windsprint!

      And remember, if you like boat-building enough to finish something
      like the Wyoming you'll never be getting ready to start your last
      boat; only your next one!



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