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  • Harry James
    Dec 2, 2002
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      I have seen the running up the beach technique before. I lived in the
      village of Elim (pop 300) in Western AK for three years. It is a coastal
      village on the North side of Norton Sound on Seward Peninsula, 80NM East
      of Nome. They keep the boats anchored off the village which has a sandy
      beach. When a storm was coming in the fall, each boat owner would fire
      up his boat and head full bore for the beach, cutting the motor just as
      it touched, it would kick up and the boat would slide 2-3 boat lengths
      up the steep beach. Every body working together would go from boat to
      boat and haul it the rest ofthe way up to high ground. They called it
      "flying the boat" up the beach.


      Paul Lefebvre wrote:

      >I saw one of these in action many years ago, I believe it was off
      >Chincoteague island but am not positive now. There were two youngish and
      >very fit guys running a long net off the beach in mild surf conditions, and
      >the way they handled that strange boat was so remarkable it made me stop and
      >watch long enough that my girlfriend eventually had to drag me away, even
      >though I was not yet the boat nut I've since become. They'd start with the
      >boat on the beach where they'd just driven it up on the sand; with the motor
      >kicked up and using the boat's rocker, one guy would push at the bow and one
      >at the stern to quickly pivot the boat 180 degrees, then anchor one end of
      >the net on the beach, push the boat off the beach as soon as the next wave
      >floated it, drop the motor and fire it up as soon as they had enough water
      >and blast out through the 2-3' breaking waves to set their net in a big loop
      >just outside the breaker zone and come back in 50-100 yards down the beach,
      >full-speed, and drive it right up the beach at perhaps 20mph or better. I'd
      >never seen an outboard take this kind of abuse except in a James Bond movie,
      >apparently without suffering any damage - it would be at full power until it
      >hit the beach, at which point the driver shut it down at exactly the right
      >moment; the motor would neatly tip up and the boat would slide perhaps 20
      >feet further up on the wet sand before coming to a stop, nearly beyond reach
      >of the waves but not quite - just close enough that waiting thru a few waves
      >would bring them one with enough water to easily relaunch. Then they hauled
      >in their net from the beach, collected their catch, folded their net
      >carefully back in over the stern, spun the boat on the sand and repeated the
      >whole operation again, all very swiftly coordenated movements with barely a
      >word spoken. Very impressive performance, those two guys never stopped
      >moving, and I'd never seen such precise boat handling on both land and
      >Paul L.
      >Subject: Re: [bolger] mystery boat
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