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25390Re: [bolger] mystery boat

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  • Dean Pacetti
    Dec 1, 2002
      --- wturn <wturn@...> wrote:
      > I saw two boats with outboards mounted near the
      > front of the boat in
      > the center of the boat. Would imagine they were in
      > a motor well of
      > some sort. They were built of plywood and appeared
      > to have a large
      > live well in the rear of the boat. The bottom was
      > completely flat and
      > the bow rose up sharply also with a flat bottom.
      > Anyway, posting here to see if anybody knows of a
      > similar design and
      > why the outboards were mounted in front.
      > Bill

      The boats that you saw are what's called a Net Boat.
      The well in the back is to hold the gill net and when
      a school of fish is spotted then the net is run off
      the back of the boat surrounding and capturing the
      The engine was mounted in front so it would not get
      tangled with the net. Also because of the front
      mounting of the eng. these boats will got through an
      unbelievable amount of shallow water. The one that I
      had was 21ft. long with a 50hp. eng. and would run in
      6 to 8 inches of water.
      Now adays it is illiegal to use gill nets inshore
      here in Florida but the boats still make great shallow
      water fishing boats.
      Excommerial fisherman and miss it still!!!!!

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