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25016Fishcat and Diablo

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  • dbaldnz
    Nov 15, 2002
      --- In bolger@y..., "Marvin Wyckoff" <marvin.wyckoff@g...> wrote:
      > Has anyone built the fishcat? If so, how do you like it? Does it
      > plane easily? How is it in a short chop?

      Diablo seems to be an alternative, but I think Fishcat could have
      some advantages, not least that she seems to be a stable safe
      fishing platform. Bernie reported that 2 men could fight their fish,
      both standing on the same side. Diablo would be much tippier.
      I cannot see that she would pound any more than Diablo, and probably
      less. A quick measure of the flat planing surface of both bottoms
      shows they are similar in area, yet I imagine the divided area of
      Fishcat may tend to make her softer. But more importantly, the
      considerable cushioning effect of the tunnel and bridgedeck will
      give a better ride.
      Diablo would be quicker to build, but the material costs should be
      similar. Diablo uses 4 sheets of 1/4" ply + 3 sheets of 1/2" ply.
      Fishcat takes 8 sheets of 1/4" plywood.
      That's my guess.
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