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  • Nels
    Nov 15, 2002
      Hi Marvin,

      Sorry there was no more further responses to your query and I am only
      responding from a bad memory. But it seems to me that Bernie used a
      25 hp motor on his and he in fact lived near you.

      However CSD is no longer a legitimate seller of Bolger plans and
      your best bet is to contact Mr Bolger himself. The contact info is
      in the files, right at the end. They would also tell you if they have
      a better proposal such as Diablo which would be easier to trailer
      perhaps. That is a very popular design and is available at:


      I believe CSD is a dead horse and should not be flogging plans!:-)

      I will keep my eyes and ears open.


      --- In bolger@y..., "Marvin Wyckoff" <marvin.wyckoff@g...> wrote:
      > > Bernie Wolfard built the prototype I believe and he was a
      > > parapeligic. He used it out in the Columbia River Delta in Oregon
      > and
      > > claimed it was very seaworthy in up to four foot waves, if memory
      > > serves. (Which it doesn't actually:-)
      > >
      > > The write up he did may be in the files under "CSD Newsletters".
      > I glanced through these, there was no mention of the Fishcat.
      > What
      > > were you wondering about a short chop? That is pounded? Or
      created a
      > > lot of spray? I believe it would pound at low speeds but that it
      > > planes very easily.
      > >
      > I was wondering about spray and pounding. I would like to know how
      > easily it would plane with a 25 hp Honda and a 500 lb load. It
      > like it would be a very easy and cheap boat to build for exploring
      > Willamette River in Oregon (3 miles from my house).
      > > It would seem to a really nice fishing boat in sheltered waters.
      > > know others have been built. Maybe a builder will show up.
      > > send a query to PCB&F. Was the orignal concept in SBJ or MAIB?
      > > di you hear about it Marvin?
      > I first saw the design in the CSD catalog years ago. CSB is still
      > offering plans for it.
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