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  • Marvin Wyckoff
    Nov 15, 2002
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      > Bernie Wolfard built the prototype I believe and he was a
      > parapeligic. He used it out in the Columbia River Delta in Oregon
      > claimed it was very seaworthy in up to four foot waves, if memory
      > serves. (Which it doesn't actually:-)
      > The write up he did may be in the files under "CSD Newsletters".

      I glanced through these, there was no mention of the Fishcat.

      > were you wondering about a short chop? That is pounded? Or created a
      > lot of spray? I believe it would pound at low speeds but that it
      > planes very easily.

      I was wondering about spray and pounding. I would like to know how
      easily it would plane with a 25 hp Honda and a 500 lb load. It seems
      like it would be a very easy and cheap boat to build for exploring the
      Willamette River in Oregon (3 miles from my house).

      > It would seem to a really nice fishing boat in sheltered waters. I
      > know others have been built. Maybe a builder will show up. Otherwise
      > send a query to PCB&F. Was the orignal concept in SBJ or MAIB? Where
      > di you hear about it Marvin?

      I first saw the design in the CSD catalog years ago. CSB is still
      offering plans for it.
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