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24841Re: Glassing for impact resistance/resistance

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  • sals_dad
    Nov 4, 2002
      > > .......... UHMW is the greatest innovation for wooden boats since
      > > bronze screws.
      > But where du you buy it? What form does it come in? How much does
      it cost?

      Try Crown Plastics: http://www.crownplastics.com/ 513-367-0238. For
      notes on a conversation I had with Pete there, see
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger/message/23430 . There are lots
      of other vendors (try a Google search) but Pete seemed knowledgeable.

      He sent me a couple 10" square samples of adhesive-backed UHMW, but I
      haven't yet had a boat upside down to apply it. Wonder how it
      adheres in cold temps?

      Sal's Dad
      (still peeved 'cause the Diablo's new Yamaha wouldn't start this
      weekend - it wasn't THAT cold, just a bit of ice in the bilge...)
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