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24019Re: launch/refit report

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Oct 1, 2002
      --- In bolger@y..., "sanmi" <sanmi@y...> wrote:
      > We launched AS-29 Alisa a few weeks ago and had a nice weekend
      > overnighter. The chine repairs went well. The only remaining hull
      > work that remains is to seal some leaks in the bilgeboard trunks.
      > A few more pictures at
      > Frank
      > Wilmington, DE

      Great pictures of a lovely looking boat! If we didn't know
      better,we'd say she was brand spanking new!
      One of your pictures has a caption about anchoring stern to and
      your concern about wave slap.Considering that the master stateroom is
      aft,that would appear to put your head very close to the point of
      contact with the waves,no? Also,since she is broader in the stern
      then up forward,there is that much more surface area for the waves to
      slap upon.
      Anyway,maybe the layout isn't exactly per plan,so this is just
      an idle thought from me.
      Continued success with your repair work and many happy sails!!

      Peter Lenihan,jealous of anyone who is just launching at this time of
      the year,from the shores of the St.Lawrence where global warming
      appears to be doing just fine................
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