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23130Re: A Treasure trove of Bolger drawings and opinions.

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  • announcer97624
    Sep 2, 2002
      Yes but I am still going through literally years of magazines and I
      haven't compiled a list of Bolger boats yet let alone read about all
      of them. I haven't noticed any one sheet plans but there are some
      light boats. I have seen some small overnite camp boats but can't
      name them off the top of my head. My wife and I have run into a snag
      with our network when changing from a hub to a switch. already ridded
      ourselves of the hub and having to send back a new switch. I am able
      to go on the web with only one computer at a time and I can't access
      my scanners or printers or my main hard-drives on our server. We will
      fix this soon. Sorry for the hold up.


      --- In bolger@y..., "builtaboat" <pcencer@b...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Are there any one sheet style boats (read "light", easy to
      > lift/transport)? How about any minimalist overnight type boats, ala
      > the GP-16 or Gypsy Poke?
      > Thanks
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