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  • rdchamberland
    Sep 2, 2002
      Hi Rick,
      Really not all that many. I've built a few boats but I've spent a lot
      more time reviewing what's out there and doing a bit of dreaming.

      The boats I've built are: "Tremolino" which is a trimaran designed by
      Dick Newick. I built the center hull; the outhulls are from a Hobie
      16. The next was a "Nereia" pram by LF Herreshoff. Next was my
      "Hawkeye" variation, then a "Teal" and the last one is my "Bobcat". Of
      course I've had a number of other boats in various states of disrepair
      needing rehabilitation. As is evident from the plans list I've also
      considered any numbers of others. The first set of plans I bought were
      for a 23' 6" carvel planked boat by Harrison Farrell of Massapeequa,
      L.I. New York. "Duet" by name. That was a long time ago. The estimated
      cost was about$5000 and of course I was in school on the GI bill and
      didn't have a pot to piss in. Those plans I keep just for the
      sentiment. But this is more than you asked about.
      Bob Chamberland

      --- In bolger@y..., sctree@d... wrote:
      > Hey Bob,
      > Over the years I've seen your name attached to several different
      Bolger boats.
      > I'm curious.
      > If you don't mind saying, how many, and which Bolger designs have
      you built or owned?
      > Thanks,
      > Rick
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