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22236Re: [bolger] Re: Cabin Clam Skiff Photo

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  • Sakari Aaltonen
    Aug 2, 2002
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      > I'll bet part of the problem is the inherent difficulty in precisely
      > maneuvering a shallow flattie with a lot of windage.

      I really can't say; I haven't tried this with other kinds of boat.

      > I'm trying to plan a business trip to Finland for later in the month of
      > August, I'd love to see your boat if our schedules permit. (I work for a
      > Finnish company, BTW).
      > JB

      You are welcome, of course. But note that I'll be on vacation for two
      weeks starting Friday the 9th. I'll be going to the 'quiet lake' that
      is mentioned on Duckworks; I'm building a small sailboat for this right
      now (can't afford a trailer for the CC Skiff.)

      By the way, the Duckworks text was not intended to be published.
      It was just meant as an explanation why I wasn't prepared to
      write an article...

      Sakari Aaltonen
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