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22233Re: [bolger] Re: Cabin Clam Skiff Photo

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  • Sakari Aaltonen
    Aug 2, 2002
      > Is the docking problem you mentioned caused by the operator being in
      > the cabin and not able to get 'outside' to tie up the lines quickly?
      > I've wondered about a couple of PCB's boats in that regard.
      > PHV

      To date, I have been fortunate enough to have company (wife, niece)
      who have kindly volunteered to tie the lines. If I were alone,
      well, it would be a sorry sight.

      Part of the problem is that the slip is rather narrow and close
      to the shore (in the photo, I'm just out of it, reversing.) The
      speed has to be low, so steering is difficult. When docking, a
      burst of reverse has often been needed. But it has to be timed
      just right...

      Sakari Aaltonen
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