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2216[bolger] Re: glass boards in wooden boats

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  • Bill Samson
    Feb 2, 2000
      >get the **$�$! board out,
      >plane it
      > > down a bit, re-glass and epoxy it.
      >Bill, that was my fix the last time around. Lasted two seasons. And
      >the work was done by a reputable yard, not disreputable me.

      A wee bit of lateral thinking here - but have you checked the slot and made
      sure that it's not getting narrower (i.e. sides swelling)? That'd have the
      same effect as a swelling board (though harder to fix). The slot should be
      1.5" wide all over. The board should be 1.25" thick in the middle.

      Have PCB&F got any views on the suitability of a steel centreplate for a



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