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2207[bolger] Re: FS vs. LS (was modern Light Scooner)

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  • tjfatchen@ace.net.au
    Mar 12, 2000
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      BO>> BO>The folding schooner is suppose to be faster than the light schooner.
      BO>> BO>Chuck C.
      BO>> Actually, I'd debate that. In terms of hull speed, of course,it has to
      BO>> Tim & Flying Tadpole

      OK, having recovered from the ravages of races:

      CBH = Class-Based Handicap. You multiply the elapsed (race) time to get
      the corrected (handicap included) time. (Yachting SA, AYF, ISAF)

      Light Schooner CBH 0.655
      Gloucester Schooner CBH 0.695

      If both took 4 hours for a race, LS's corrected time would be 157.2 mins
      Gloucester (folding) schooners would be 166.8 mins
      and LS would win on h/cap as slower boat.

      So I guess it's official, FS is faster. See next post from me....

      To confuse the issue totally, however, the Goolwa Regatta Club has
      shunted the LS in with cruising boats and the FS in with racing
      dinghies, labelled Bolger 30, with a yardstick of 0.999 which is not
      the same as the CBH although it's applied to elapsed time in the same
      manner. Attempting comparison, the Bosun Dinghy used by Sea Scouts
      worldwide has a benchmark of 0.667 (slower than the proverbial), a
      Drascombe Lugger 0.550, Flying Dutchman 1.053, 18 ft skiff (Grand Prix
      racing) 1.136.
      Says something for the fear of Bolger schooners now instilled in the
      conventional boat world, doesn't it? ;-)

      Tim & FLying Tadpole
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