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2202[bolger] Re: glass boards in wooden boats

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  • david
    Feb 1, 2000
      The Gougeon Brothers describe a technique of bonding epoxy to metals where you clean the metal up and apply a layer of epoxy, then scrub the wet epoxied surface with stainless steel wool or wet and dry sandpaper to achieve a raw surface onto which the epoxy and thus the wood, can bond. The sanding dust remains in the epoxy, where it presumably does no harm. I haven't tried this, but it seems workable on aluminum, and would save you the demanding surface prep that is usually required, as you suggest. Someone mentioned fastening the plywood to the aluminum with copper rivets, I think. In seawater I believe this would turn the board into a nice battery and rapidly devour the aluminum. You could get away with it in most fresh water environments, however,

      Lincoln Ross wrote:

      An aircraft homebuilding book I have says that gluing to aluminum can
      be very difficult. All sorts of very careful surface prep required to
      get a really reliable joint. scrub, phosphoric acid, distilled water
      rinse, proper handling of cleaning rags, etc. CLeanliness absolutely
      critical. Not to even be touched with hands.  One trick was to put on
      thin layer of slow epoxy and THEN do a final scrub, as epoxy would
      prevent oxidation, etc. Of course you'd have to wipe the debris off.

      fraser.howel-@... (fraser howell) wrote:
      snipglued it with an epoxy that was
      > formulated to stick to Al, but the board had started to delaminate by
      > the end of the first season.

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