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2190[bolger] Re: glass boards in wooden boats

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  • Robert N. Lundy
    Feb 1, 2000

      Every once in while (ok, pretty often) I'm amazed at some of the original
      thinking on this list. Using the concrete backerboard from Home Depot would
      give some heft and glass/epoxy should stick. And you could leave out the
      lead as the concrete might have enough negative bouancy to sink the whole
      thing. And this is a product that's designed to withstand water in the
      first place.

      Neat idea. Who wants to try it?

      Robert & Amy Lundy
      St. Petersburg, fla.

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      > From: Peter Vanderwaart [mailto:pvanderw@...]
      > Sent: February 01, 2000 2:48 PM
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      > Subject: [bolger] Re: glass boards in wooden boats
      > My Stuart-built Mariner had a FG centerboard. No problems.
      > Given a satisfactory way to build one, an FG board should work well. It
      > would be heavy enought to do without lead inserts - a great convenience
      > in the building. If you don't have a wooden core, I see no reason to
      > use epoxy instead of polyester.
      > The problem with using wood or, more especially, foam as a core is that
      > the board may turn out to have positive buoyancy.
      > There was an article in the Catboat Bulletin some years ago by a man
      > who made a new centerboard for his Marshall catboat using an aluminum
      > core (which was quite flexible), covered by FG. I wonder if there is
      > some other possibility in the stacks at Home Depot. Perhaps some sort
      > waterproof panel material used behind tile walls in bathrooms or under
      > showers could be used as a core material.
      > Peter
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