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2189[bolger] Re: glass boards in wooden boats

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  • Fraser Howell
    Feb 1, 2000
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      My Chebacco centreboard is a sandwich of 1/2 " exterior ply enclosing
      1/4" aluminum. I had originally glued it with an epoxy that was
      formulated to stick to Al, but the board had started to delaminate by
      the end of the first season. I then wrapped the edges in cloth and
      epoxy, but that got stuck in the case by mid-summer. I've given up on
      glue for the centrboard, and on trying to make the affair waterproof. I
      riveted the whole thing with copper rivets prior to last season, and
      have had no problems. The board is rigid, and takes the ground well, and
      only needed about 3 lb of lead to sink properly.
      The Chebacco rudder is welded al, and it has held up well. It has a
      horizontal plate on the bottom, and I use it as a boarding ladder when
      Fraser Howell
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