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21646Micro high and dry: extension tongue?

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  • dnjost
    Jul 9, 2002
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      I took her to the lake today. The one that does not allow motors,
      just to see what a chore it would be to launch and retreive. this
      particular ramp is very shallow. I backed down the ramp and as I
      suspected, the boat was still a good 4" too high to float. I
      obviously need an extension tongue of some kind.

      Here is the idea: Take two 10' 2X4's and laminate them together with
      some left over epoxy (galvanized screws to hold) Place an all
      purpose cleat on each end, then attach the board to the bumper and
      the other end to the trailer. The cleats will hold the line securely
      to the board and each end. Then back down the ramp.

      Does any one have a cheaper and easier way to do this?

      David Jost

      "pushing the limits of Micro already!"
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