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21512Re: [bolger] Why no pontoons?

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  • Richard Spelling
    Jul 1, 2002
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      I'd be interested in hearing what was in that letter...

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      | In a message dated 7/1/02 9:55:09 AM Central Daylight Time,
      | richard@... writes:
      | > Maybe they are to ugly for even Bolger to design!
      | > (JUST KIDDING!)
      | >
      | You may have hit the mark. I ordered plans for "Hawkeye" from Bolger last
      | year, thinking that I could contrive a center-console deck-boat out of it
      | that would perform the functions of a poontoon boat, desired by my mother,
      | without the exciting my father's violent anti-pontoon attitude.
      | I mentioned this in my order to Bolger and received a nice handwritten
      | back from him which emphatically endorsed my father's anti-pontoon
      | (Bolger did give qualified approval the notion of building "Hawkeye" as a
      | deck-boat, with the proviso that seating be placed on the centerline.)
      | you, I don't think that "Hawkeye" deserves many more points on aesthetics
      | than a pontoon boat.)
      | Apart from aesthetic issues, I can't imagine that there is much of an
      | intellectual challenge in designing a pontoon floats. I believe Glen-L has
      | plans for plywood pontoon floats, useful for someone who wished to have
      | skin-thickness, plywood lay-out and scantlings prepared for them. As far
      | shape and dimensions are concerned, I think it would take a great deal of
      | imagination to come up with a shape that wouldn't work.
      | Ciao for Niao,
      | Bill in MN
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