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21492Re: Bolger boats in fiberglass: Dovekie and [?]

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  • pvanderwaart
    Jul 1, 2002
      > Ruben tells me that the 25' cat yawl mold was sold to
      > Nimble Boats and is laying in a field next to their plant.

      In his writeup on the boat in MAIB, Bolger says that everyone
      involved felt that, if not actually a technical failure, it was not
      an especially good or interesting boat, and the program died
      unlamented. I saw the boat at a Small Boat Show in Newport, RI. I
      thought the interior was very pleasant, and the looks interesting. I
      did wonder if she carried enough sail.

      Ruben worked hard to make his boats very easy to set up, and for this
      one, he worked out an elaborate metal mast tabernacle. At least, I
      assume he designed it because it wasn't shown on the Bolger drawings.
      But the cost, weight, and spatial intrusion of that alone was a
      certain detriment.

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