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2115[bolger] Re: Modern Light Scooner

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  • C. O'Donnell
    Jan 29, 2000
      > What makes sense to me is a "Build the new Instant Schooner" book. If
      > enough interest is shown a lobby (whine) effort could be started.

      I'm not sure what a "modern lite scooner" is, but you should take a
      look at John's Sharpie from Chesapeake Light Craft - it's a "cat
      schooner" or more properly a periauger-rigged 19 foot daggerboard boat
      (one or two have been built with leeboards, I think). That is the masts
      and sails are identical.

      If you ask John Harris (who designed it) he'll readily admit the Bolger
      influence, it's also a little bit like a monster racing dinghy. I've
      sailed in the CLC demo boat a lot, and I like it quite a bit. Unlike a
      Lite S, one person can sail this boat if they are reasonably adept and
      rig a few little help things like a tiller comb.

      It's a little smaller and much lighter than a lite scooner, just-a-tad
      too big to be in the cartopping class, but definitely in the "very
      light trailer class", and it can be capsized, like other high
      performance sharpies <grin>.
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