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20807now hull speed, was Re: mast options for Ruben's Nym ph

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  • rnlocnil
    Jun 4, 2002
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      In general, I agree with you. The one that gets me is abbreviated boat
      names, tho I also originally thought OSB mean "one sheet boat".

      In this case, there is an explicit definition of the D/L ratio we are
      using (though actually it is NOT just displacement/length) in an
      earlier post in this same thread. I seem to recall it is displacement
      in long tons (2240lbs?) divided by the cube of .01 times the waterline
      length in feet, IF I remember correctly. S/L is speed/waterlinelength
      (knots and feet, I think).

      I think SHP is shaft horsepower, and O/B must be outboard motor.

      LWL is a common and conventional abbreviation for waterline length.

      BTW, I forget where it is on the web, but a guy in Australia or New
      Zealand or someplace south of the equator like that (I forget which,
      it's not that I think they're all the same) has a free program which
      purports to calculate resistance for hulls like this and even has an
      "evolution" algorythmn (sp?) to come up with low resistance shapes.
      Unfortunately, I don't remember the URL.
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      > While I find this technical stuff interesting, I am a bit boggled by
      > abbreviations, initialisms and acronyms here abounding. These AIAs
      > (acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations) are not only confusing to
      me, but
      > I sometimes cannot understand if they are technical terms from the
      > under discussion, or cyber-speak (like BTW). Anyone else have this
      > and some suggestions about how to ease this pain?
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