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  • nettech22407
    Jun 2, 2002
      I have used gorilla glue as well as epoxy, and PL premium.

      My experience indicates that the epoxy is the strongest. The PL is
      is a little sensative to surface prep, it doesn't seem to like laytex
      paint. I found that the GG used in loose joints is shock sensative.
      I found this out the hard way, my 15' skiff slid off of the saw
      horses I had it on. Where I only used GG to join the frames and
      there were gaps, the shock of the fall knocked the frames off of the
      plywood sides. Where I used 3M 5200 there was no problems. I had
      used 5200 on the port side and GG on the starboard side. The GG
      joint separated without damaging the underlying wood.

      From working with all the above glues, I have come to like 3M 5200.
      The regular version sets in 4 hours and takes up to 4 days to fully
      cure. The fast cure 5200 sets in 45 minutes and cures in one day.
      It will bridge gaps of up to 3/8" or 9mm. When it cures it does not
      foam. When cured, it has the consistancy of the rubber used in
      skateboard wheels. On bare wood, removing it requires taking away
      some of the underlying wood. The downside to this glue, is you
      should clean up right away, it is a bear to sand off drips.

      >--- In bolger@y..., "brucehallman" <brucehallman@y...> wrote:
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      > > Gorilla glue.
      > http://www.gorillaglue.com/
      > Polyurethane glue; and it is new to me. Someone here recommended
      > a few weeks back. I am using a 'generic' version of the brand name
      > stuff, $7 a pint. I like that it has GREAT adhesion, it is
      > snip
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