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20763Re: Hour 40

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  • brucehallman
    Jun 2, 2002
      --- In bolger@y..., David Ryan <david@c...> wrote:

      > At $7/pint that's $56/gallon -- more than Raka epoxy.
      > Why not use epoxy?

      Whim and not much else. I think the Gorilla Glue swells up by 3 or 4
      times, so a pint equals perhaps a quart of thickened epoxy. Also, I
      feel that dealing with a squeeze bottle, versus mixing up a batch
      from two parts, is a little easier.

      The real reason I switched, was that day last weekend when I was
      working outdoors in the pouring rain, with very wet wood. The glue
      joint I made with epoxy fell apart; disgusted, I ran to the store and
      bought the Gorilla Glue and discovered that it sticks even better
      when things are wet.
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