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20726Re: [bolger] Re: mast options for Ruben's Nymph

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  • Larry Barker
    May 31, 2002
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      Not an exact hit on your questions but ....
      I have a sail rig on my regular-sized Nymph and it sails just fine. It is
      tippy when you're getting in but not unmanagably so -- I can climb over the
      side in 2+ feet of water (rudder doesn't pivot) without swamping. I've
      sailed it in a fair amount (15-20 mph w/ white caps) of wind and it's really
      very stable. The fact that I weigh over 200 lbs has a lot to do with it and
      I think that a kid alone would have to treat it with more respect. I "hike
      out" by leaning 6" to windward. Add my 150 lb son to me and the sucker is
      really stable. The main problem I have with it is that, while the
      longitudinal (sp?) seat works fine for rowing, it doesn't leave much room
      for feet when sailing. I've been tempted to try the alternative
      gap-in-the-middle seat that comes with the plans but haven't gotten around
      to it yet.
      A couple of pictures at

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      > This thread has had a wonderful life so far and has covered many
      > subjects.
      > It looks like one of my original questions has been lost in the
      > threads evolution.
      > Has anybody sailed a Ruben's Nymph? Does the additional width
      > significantly reduce the tippiness reported from Nymph owners?
      > Thanks,
      > Pete
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