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206[bolger] Re: Introductory/Test message

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Sep 1, 1999

      Welcome to the group.

      To the group:

      If you haven't done so, take some time to visit John's fine website. Good
      stuff about his Bolger Windsprint, and a Michalak Sport Dory. Other goodies
      there too, links & etc.


      > I tried unsuccessfully tried to subcribe a few weeks ago and it didn't
      > take, so here goes again...
      > Looking at the list of members, I already know many of you from
      > participation in other lists and r.b.b. You all may know me from the
      > same.
      > I've been a Bolger fan for years. I've bought plans for Micro,
      > Birdwatcher, Pirogue, and Windsprint. Of these, I actually built
      > Windsprint. The others are still in the "idea" stage. Last year I built
      > a 15' dory to Jim Michalak's design. I've got the bug to build
      > something else, but haven't put my finger on what it is going to be yet.
      > JB
      > http://jmbell.home.mindspring.com
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