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2043[bolger] Modern Light Scooner - Commision?

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  • DGO
    Jan 27, 2000
      Well, been looking at the schooner conversations and thinking:

      Maybe we can "pass the hat" for a new daysailing schooner design...

      Some combination of the singlehander, folding and light schooner,
      with the sail area/displacement ratio of the light schooner, the
      trailerability of the folding schooner, and the ability to be
      single-handed under some pretty subset of the full rig. While we are at
      it we could ask for the ability to deal with sudden shallow areas in a
      matter that does not amuse the jet-skiers.... (Sudden stops due to
      stuck dagger/lee/bilgeboards are only funny on the shore later.....)

      How about it folks, enough interest?

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