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2029[bolger] Re: modern Light Scooner

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  • GHC
    Jan 27, 2000

      Is the Folding Scooner essentially "deckless"? I will have to study FS in
      more detail as it appears quite a number are being built instead of the LS.
      I assumed it was a heavier boat due to the connection, but maybe that's not

      My LS couldn't weigh more than 4-500 pounds, so I think the materials used
      must make a significant difference. To that end, I think the sails and
      foils will also be important, especially to windward performance. I've
      been thinking about finding or shaping a deep centerboard.

      Too bad we're so far apart; a schooner race would be great fun.

      Gregg Carlson

      At 11:57 PM 1/26/2000 EST, you wrote:
      >Keep in mind I said "suppose to be faster," and this was based on several
      >things. First, in some of my communications with Tim (Tim correct me if my
      >memory is wrong) of the Light Schooner website, indicated that he reasoned
      >that the FS was suppose to be faster than the LS. This is not to disparrage
      >the LS which is a more subtancial boat in some ways, ie. able to dip a rail
      >without shipping great quantities of water as a result of the deck area,
      > Further, I reasoned that (no doubt the weakest link) that with the longer
      >waterline, and lighter weight, the FS would have a speed advantage. Of
      >course, the LS isn't quite as likely to jackknife on you either. My FS will
      >be in sailing trim by spring and I would love to test out this hypothesis.
      >Are you planning to bring your LS to the San Francisco Bay any time?
      >Excited about AmericaOne's victory today,
      >Chuck C.
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