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2019[bolger] Re: modern Light Scooner

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  • CPCorreia@aol.com
    Jan 26, 2000

      Keep in mind I said "suppose to be faster," and this was based on several
      things. First, in some of my communications with Tim (Tim correct me if my
      memory is wrong) of the Light Schooner website, indicated that he reasoned
      that the FS was suppose to be faster than the LS. This is not to disparrage
      the LS which is a more subtancial boat in some ways, ie. able to dip a rail
      without shipping great quantities of water as a result of the deck area, etc.
      Further, I reasoned that (no doubt the weakest link) that with the longer
      waterline, and lighter weight, the FS would have a speed advantage. Of
      course, the LS isn't quite as likely to jackknife on you either. My FS will
      be in sailing trim by spring and I would love to test out this hypothesis.
      Are you planning to bring your LS to the San Francisco Bay any time?

      Excited about AmericaOne's victory today,
      Chuck C.
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