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20035Re: [bolger] Re: Off Topic - Boat Insurance - "Statement of Condition"

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  • M Fx
    May 1, 2002
      there could be. There's a boat repair shop up in
      Robbinsdale (near HWY 100 & 81) that probably does
      surveying type stuff, or could point you in the right
      direction. Where is the boat?)

      > I suppose it is remotely possible that there is
      > someone in the Twin Cities
      > who styles himself a "surveyor" of boats and has
      > some sort of "credentials",
      > but that is a 5 hour round trip by car to where I
      > have the boat parked. Mind
      > you, the boat is a generic 16' aluminum hulled,
      > factory-built,
      > outboard-powered fishing boat for use on protected
      > inland waters. What is
      > there to survey? That it has a drain plug? I'm a
      > little astonished that I
      > bound liability coverage on the '84 Mazda I used to
      > trailer it with a simple
      > telephone call, but can't do the same on a boat as
      > generic and commonplace as
      > this. I may have to change my insurer!
      > Ciao for Niao,
      > Bill in MN

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