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1997[bolger] Re: FS vs. LS (was modern Light Scooner)

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  • Robert N. Lundy
    Jan 26, 2000
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      You know, this is one of those debates that has more merit than average.
      Everyone who sails has at some point been outgunned by a longer waterline
      attached to a pudgy hull and sails that look like yesterday's laundry.
      Usually in light/medium airs.

      The FS vs LS takes a different tack-which SAILBOAT would be faster on plane!
      Around a triangular course or even windward/leeward, I'd actually have to
      put my money on the FS in medium (non-planing) air, LS in light air (sail
      area vs. displacement), but the really interesting one would be HEAVY air.
      Also, there should be a drag race from a standing start over, say 1 mile,
      broad reaching, to determine the true speed demon.

      Just thinking of it almost makes me come unhinged (oooo...that is one awful
      pun. Should've waited on Mr. Samson for that one :) )

      Robert & Amy Lundy
      St. Petersburg, fla.

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      > Subject: [bolger] Re: modern Light Scooner
      > BO> The LS is supposed to be "faster than anything but a C class cat".
      > BO> Anybody know of other PB&F designs in the same speed class?
      > BO>
      > BO> >>
      > BO>The folding schooner is suppose to be faster than the light schooner.
      > BO>Chuck C.
      > Actually, I'd debate that. In terms of hull speed, of course,it has to
      > be, but these boats reach their top speeds on the plane, where other
      > aspects come into play. In terms of power (sail-area)/weight ratio, I
      > think the LS has to be ahead. Also in terms of somewhere to place the
      > (human) ballast, the part decked LS is streets ahead! Mind you, a
      > non-folding folding schooner is likely to be a truly terrifying water
      > lance...
      > Tim & Flying Tadpole
      > PS Many years ago, tiring of thrashing trailer sailors in races,
      > shooting fish in barrels and other low skill boring activities, we
      > challenged the local folding schooner to some match racing.
      > Unfortunately it never eventuated. We'll see if we can renew
      > thecahllenge now the FS is coming back to life...or perhaps some of the
      > US multitude of both could get together....
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