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1915[bolger] Re: Double Eagle

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  • Rennie Archibald
    Jan 22, 2000
      I'm new to the group. I drooled over the MAIB discussion of Double Eagle.
      Incredible design. So many issues solved in unique ways. It's good to know
      you've gone ahead with the project. I've built 20 small boats, 21 is half
      done. I can't imagine the size of the project you've got going. Keep in
      mind that time a not a concept builders need to concern themselves about.
      It's a relative human construct. The project will get done if you keep at
      it but not if you become a slave to it. Enjoy every piece you form.

      Take SUnday off and go to church. Become on with the inventor of the arque.


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      >Subject: [bolger] Double Eagle
      >Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 01:37:30 -0800
      >I have posted a few pictures of the unfortunately slow progress of
      >Double Eagle. As you can see the first hull is together. I have a lot
      >of the second hull prefabricated. Progress has been slow for many
      >reasons none of which are the plans or construction method. I would
      >appreciate any words of encouragement.
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