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18163Re: Boat Offsets and Stitch n Tape

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  • pippobianco
    Mar 1, 2002
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      Dale, there are free programs like Robert Lainé's "Carene" which
      rigorously develop conical surfaces. There's also "Unfold" which does
      the same starting from a table of offsets, but it assumes that the
      surface is developable. Gregg's "Hull Designer", while much better
      than the others in terms of user interface, does not (yet?) perform a
      rigorous developability check. You have to use common sense when
      working on strongly flared sections of the boats (for example,
      modeling the Chebacco hull is practically impossible at the bow).
      Of course many commercial hull fairing programs do the plate
      The best description of the conical development method I've seen is
      in John Teale's "How to design a boat". Also Stephen
      Pollard's "boatbuilding with aluminum" has a good description.
      For what I know, the most used algorithm is the Kilgore's one, first
      described in some publication on fishing boats in the third world
      (FAO or some similar organization).
      Best, Pippo

      > Is there a mathematical method to develop the shapes for stitch n
      > glue construction of a chined boat from offsets.
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