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  • sctree
    Jan 2, 2002

      I think under the aft deck is tankage?

      The mastersuite is below the offset deckhouse, which hangs down into
      the mastersuite, meaning no standing headroom there. The corridor to
      get from galley forward has full headroom and it seems that a bearing
      wall separates it from the master, carrying the port side of the
      deckhouse down to the hull bottom.

      Leastwise that's what I see.

      Best way for us all to find out is, you buy the plans, build her, and
      send photos!


      --- In bolger@y..., David Ryan <david@c...> wrote:
      > My wife and I have been studying the plans for this great beast and
      > can figure out a couple of things.
      > 1) Is the area under the after deck reserved for anything in
      > 2) Is there any privacy for the master bed when someone passes from
      > the kitchen to the forecastle?
      > If you can read these drawing any better than I, let me know what
      you see.
      > YIBB,
      > David
      > >I have commented on this before. We get a lot of transient
      > >AK), many of them large (35'-55') auxiliary cruisers. I fly for a
      > >and I bet I see less than 5% with any sail up. It is subject for
      > >comment in the cockpit as in "look at that one, they have the
      > >In a normal summer I will only see 2-3 sailboats actually sailing.
      > >
      > >HJ
      > >
      > >Hal Lynch wrote:
      > >>
      > >
      > >> For some time now I have noticed in publications such as MAIB
      that in
      > >> most of the articles involving sail boats with auxiliaries the
      > >> seems to be used as much or more the sails. It seems to me
      > >> boat optimized for power would be more useful most of the time.
      > >>
      > >> hal
      > >>
      > >> --
      > >
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