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16401Re: [bolger] Re: Plan Resale

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  • thomas dalzell
    Dec 28, 2001
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      The issue of plan resale was discussed some time ago
      in this space.

      I raised it with Bolger in a recent letter, and he
      responded as follows:

      "Plans bought in good faith can
      certainly be traded, or sold, as long as only one boat
      is built from them. We regard a plan sale as a
      license to build one boat. We continue to service
      plans from Common Sense Designs, but it is now several
      years since we withdrew CSD's rights to sell our plans
      after... (Snip). We would appreciate the word being
      passed as copies of the CSD plans keep surfacing."

      "(Dynamite Payson has the right to sell twenty-odd of
      our designs, and Wooden Boat Store has two. There are
      no other legitimate sources four our plans and will
      not be any in the foreseeable future.)"

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