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16160Re: [bolger] Fishcat

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  • thomas dalzell
    Dec 11, 2001
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      I don't doubt you know your own heart best, but I
      always start these projects swearing to go cheap, and
      as it turns out I keep making it nicer and nicer, as I
      seek to protect my running investment. If you want to
      save money, building it twice will not prove an
      economical choice.

      The problem with 1/4" standard ply is that some of it
      is as good as 1088 (well nearly and possibly better in
      certain respects:veneer schedule, rot resistance, and
      modulus of the chosen wood) But nobody can tell you
      what you will find in your locale, my shops vary
      enormosly. One thing I have notice is that HD has the
      lowest price, and some of the others are obviously
      trying to beat them on grade, so if you can identify
      that kind of activity you can exploit it.

      Also what you do to deal with the problem ply, and how
      you use the resulting boat, how much it is in and out
      of water, and a million other things can have a big

      If you go this route you are on your own. If you go
      goldplater materials, then we can all sign on, its a
      no-brainer. In a sense cheap construction is another
      way to add some personality to your project.

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